Sunday 26 May 2013

Love Darling - Let Go

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If you're snooty alternative types like us (well, we're not that snooty really) then a good song winning an award is a rarity on a par with pigs flying and finding genuine rocking horse shit. However, Los Angeles band Love Darling won an award for this song. So it's all blue moons and hell freezing over round these parts at the moment. Admittedly it won best alternative song at the annual 'OUT Awards' which we've never heard of, but it's a start. Plus their new album 'The Occupation Theory' from which the track is taken is up for "Best Indie/Alt-Rock" at the 12th Annual Independent Music Awards which, um... well US music awards aren't our strong point, but this is surely good news anyway.

Is 'Let Go' a worthy winner? We'd say so. It's not the best song we've heard all year, but it's definitely got a bit of class about it and it ticks all the right boxes. It gets a high rating from us and presumably fits the criteria for the 'OUT Awards' perfectly. It's a moreish little tune too, there's a definite urge to skip back to the start when the song reaches its end. We're looking at reasonably traditional indie/guitar-pop with nicely double-tracked female vocals and a strong enough melody to appeal to fans of other music too, but without sacrificing any of it's alternative nature for a more mainstream sound. They can add a Sound Of Confusion "thumbs up" to their trophy cabinet.

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