Wednesday 29 May 2013

Adult Monkey - Massive EP

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From what we gather, Adult Monkey are a group who originate from Turkey and are based in Istanbul. Their music has been described as "like listening to The Chemical Brothers on LSD, quite literally". And I thought we were bad for journalistic cliches! Having never listened to The Chemical Brothers on LSD it's impossible to verify that, but you can kind of see what they mean. Take opening track 'Millenium & Lazy' (sic), it's filled with the big beats that duo became famous for, but at times it almost feels in slow motion. It is a psychedelic piece of electronica with plenty of clout, which I guess it what such a description would mean.

It's not a style that they rigidly adhere to on this EP. 'Massive' contains samples of medical staff talking about the bad effects drugs have had on people, over a skittering and comparatively minimal electro track, although this develops more as it goes on and begins to feel like something from the mid 1990s. The subtle changes continue on 'Enjoy The Monkeys', the most conventional song here and the only one with proper vocals which come courtesy of Heather Zeigler who orders you to "dance" to a song that won't stay still long enough to give you much opportunity to do so until nearer the end. The squiggly and messed up electronica of 'Hello My Name Is Africa' sounds like someone attacking a computer game, or maybe listening to The Chemical Brothers on LSD. One of the two.

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