Wednesday 29 May 2013

Crystal Shipsss - EP

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The story of Crystal Shipsss spans much of the globe. The idea was first hatched in Montreal by Danish musician Jacob Faurholt who returned home and began the band as a solo project. After recruiting a couple of other band members they located to Germany and have just released this new EP which explores the weird, wonderful and, well, weird. It's a strange kind of psychedelia they make, and it almost seems like the tracklisting for this EP is all messed up. It begins with 'Where The Wild Things Are' which sounds as though it's about to be an upbeat crusade into acid-fried fuzz, but it stops and starts and changes, never quite allowing itself to flow properly. Despite this its oddly appealing.

There are high levels of reverb and echo at play on the even fuzzier 'Crushing Like A Skull', a song which again seems made of spare parts; some of them beautiful, some of them puzzling. You're basically given the choice of getting annoyed or accepting it. It's better to accept it, that way you miss none of the glimpses of magic that are trapped within. The final trio of 'Listening To Devil Town', 'Dusty Vinyls' and 'Night Of The Creeps' are crude and very lo-fi, tinny shoegaze tracks that will be noise-pop bliss to some and a pain in the ears for others. The former of these is the highest pace we get from this EP, while 'Dusty Vinyls' and 'Night Of The Creeps' (maybe the best song here) are slower but consistent and have a certain charm. Scuzzy, unusual, yet strangely alluring.

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