Thursday 23 May 2013

Nallo - Drugs For The Kids

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Ah yes, more psych as you've probably already guessed from the cover. The revival is still going strong, but eventually we'll hit overkill and the quality will come tumbling down. Generic, landfill psych can only be a few months away now, so lets enjoy it while it lasts. Coming to us from Minneapolis are Nallo and they like to make psych-rock that has loud yet oddly distant drums, guitars that shimmer as if they're being manipulated by a strange wavering force instead of being played properly, and vocals that occasionally get to the point where you can decipher them, but for the most part remain shrouded in a little mystery.

Nallo are not copying the other big psychedelia troupes that are doing the rounds, they have their own version and it doesn't seem to involve the smoky fug of '60s grooves and stoner vibes; they're manipulating sounds in a different way. 'All Summer' and 'Kin' are reasonably similar in style, the difference being that the vocals on the latter are yelped that little bit louder and the chorus is allowed to become bigger too, incorporating some nice distorted guitar. This isn't the blissed-out sounds we've come to expect; 'Drugs For The Kids' is a little more harsh sounding, and it's this that makes them that bit more unique.

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