Monday 27 May 2013

Battleships - As You'd Begun

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Sydney's Battleships are a band we've been following for a year or so, and with the release of their mini-album 'To You' back in December, we suggested that maybe their softly softly approach would end up paying dividends. This lot are a band who've bided their time and built solid foundations on which to hopefully form a career, or at least gain enough of the spotlight for long enough to make the whole forming a band thing worthwhile. They haven't chased hype or rushed into anything. 'To You' was their first substantial release, following a few singles, and it was a solid and confident mini-album.

They're not done with it yet, and nor should they be. There was enough on the record to make releasing a few singles as much of a necessity as a hopeful stab at more promotion, and it's in this way that they bring us a video and radio edit for 'As You'd Begun', one of the album's best tracks. It's piano led alt-rock that's designed for a big stage; we're not talking stadium rock, but nevertheless, this isn't flimsy indie fodder, it has plenty of clout. We're standing by the prediction that if Battleships keep on doing things exactly the way they are then they could go a long way.

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