Thursday 23 May 2013

Tarmac Adam - You As Me

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With their debut US album 'The History Effect' now available, Australian quartet Tarmac Adam have properly announced themselves on the world stage. Beginning with single 'Chalk On Slate', then free taster 'Bygones' which was the first to catch our ear a couple of months back, the guys have now put forward another single and video: 'You As Me'. With a video set in a photographic studio and showing people from all walks of life in front of the lens, they have a good visual representation which is almost at odds with the simplistic, not-giving-much-away album artwork.

The song itself is perhaps as we should expect given the previous tracks we've heard. This is gentle guitar-pop that's low on bombast but high on melody and is aiming to capture your heart in a more subtle manner. Other songs may reach out and grab you by the neck; 'You As Me' stands at the back waiting until all the attention seekers have been rebuffed and then you notice that this is the one you've been after all along. Maybe that sums up Tarmac Adam: not the most exciting band on the planet, but one that won't let you down.

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