Sunday 19 May 2013

New Gods - Skipping Stone (Oblivion)

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It was only last month that we praised Australians New Gods for their genre-avoiding track 'Klipse' which is taken from their current eponymous EP. And now they've released a new video for 'Skipping Stone (Oblivion)', a track from the same release. The video deserves a mention for the otherworldly way in which it looks at our natural world and the force of nature. The real force of nature here though is the song. Having just been on tour supporting Local Natives, we'll bet a few quid that a plenty more people have been added to their list of fans, and tracks like this show exactly why, this has the potential to be enormous sounding live.

It's big enough on record, although from the tame opening bars you wouldn't necessarily expect what follows. So you're probably not braced for it, and that's probably a good thing as the surprise will be that much more rewarding. It's not long before the build begins, the drums start to pound and you begin to sense a climactic finale to the song that ends their EP. Soon we get a few heavenly backing vocals, a classy guitar solo... and then a pause. This is a clever trick as it allows the mighty build-up to happen all over again, and before you know it you're listening to one of the biggest songs of the year so far. 'Skipping Stone (Oblivion)' deserves all the superlatives we can throw at it.

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