Sunday 19 May 2013

Pylo - Enemies

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Bath is a city that often gets overlooked when it comes to music. You rarely hear about scenes or bands from there, yet in these last few months we've found ourselves mentioning an exciting new act from the area on several occasions. Does its proximity to Bristol (a far more hallowed musical area) mean that bands move the few extra miles to try and get a break? Has there simply not been a decent scene there until recently? That seems hard to believe; it's more than likely our fault for overlooking the city. If you want more proof of great sounds being made in Bath then have a listen to the new one from Pylo.

Formed only a year ago, they appear to have skipped the debut album phase and decided to begin their career with music more befitting of the traditional ambitious second outing. 'Enemies' is huge in many ways: the steady build of the intro suggests something bigger will follow; the vocals are strong, no shrinking violets here; then the guitar and chorus of voices kick in (ironically including the line "just take flight", which they duly do); the verses become more complex and the chorus seems to become even bigger as a result, especially after the brief break when it stomps back to clobber you round the face. Pylo manage to do this without sounding pompous or pretentious. This music deserves a big stage.

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Catch them live:

DOT TO DOT Festival, 24th May : MANCHESTER, Joshua Brooks - 21:30
25th May : BRISTOL Trinity - 17:00
26th May : NOTTINGHAM Bodega Bar - 18:30
31st May : KOKO Club NME
9th June LONDON: Hoxton sqr bar & kitchen
13th June : BATH Moles Club
20th July : OXFORD Truck Festival
3rd August : DERBYSHIRE  Y Not Festival
24th August : YORKSHIRE  Galtres Festival, Duke stage
31st August : SURREY Weyfest

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