Wednesday 22 May 2013

Tear Talk - B R E A T H E

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The three tracks that make up the 'B R E A T H E' single are the first to be released by Liverpool's Tear Talk, a band with a fine set of influences that includes Echo & The Bunnymen, Slowdive and Suicide; so reasonably eclectic too, although all of the above would be described as alternative music rather than anything mainstream. And the same goes for Tear Talk. 'B R E A T H E' takes a piece from each of the above and more, creating a post-punk track that shifts in tempo several times and also takes in the proto-shoegaze that some of Suicide's more melodic tracks encompassed.

The two B-sides share many of the same ideas, yet executed in a different way. Those tempo changes are found again on 'Only Illusions', a song that's musically closer to the later, fully-formed shoegaze of Slowdive and their like. They're obviously willing to experiment though and seem intent on ignoring traditional structures. Finally we get to 'Parallel'. Here they use chiming guitar to usher in the song gently, rather than opening it with a bang. It's this atmosphere that they maintain for the rest of the track, adding percussion which brings light to the shade of the bass drum thuds. With a good record collection, a few ideas and an intention to try and innovate, Tear Talk are certainly on the right track.

Tear Talk - Breathe from FREAKBEAT FILMS on Vimeo.

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