Wednesday 29 May 2013

get-effect - Tours EP

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When it comes to info on get-effect then things become a little scarce. All we know is it's a one-man electro-gaze artist from Glasgow, and he's dabbled in guitar instrumentals, ambient pieces, electronica and more. By the sounds of things it's someone who likes to take different sounds and mess around with them until they begin to form songs. Songs that are generally quite a challenge to categorise, and this is, of course, by design. We're happy with calling the title-track from this EP electro-gaze, but after that things get a little more varied and sometimes even more experimental.

Take 'Otago Dub'; it is kind of dub, but not really as we know it. It's almost like the robots have taken control of the humans and this is their take on what dub would sound like; it feels quite industrial and clangy. It's odd that he'd pick 'Tours' as the track to name this EP after when he's got a tune here called 'This Wasn't In The Brochure', a far more befitting title for these esoteric sounds. The song itself is a repetitive ambient number, but it's reasonably hypnotic and works well. The music made by get-effect is undoubtedly only suited to a niche market, but he nevertheless finishes with a tune called 'No-One Leaves Here Empty Handed' and I guess you could call it the most accessible barring the title-track. Even so, some will love this EP, and others probably won't give it a second look.

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