Sunday 26 May 2013

Georgian Waters - Dead In No Time

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A quick recap: although Swedish group Georgian Waters have been making music together for some time, it was their December release 'Lessons EP' that brought them to our attention. It was a record made of very nice dreampop, some of which was a little sharper and left-field that others; the odd track was closer to straight pop music. We suggested that if they could combine those wonderful pop melodies and hooks with their lovely ethereal sounds then they could end up with something quite spectacular. Now you know as well as we do that it's highly unlikely that they took those comments on board when recording their next release; in fact it's more than likely that they had it all planned anyway. But, lo and behold, the two tracks on this new single combine those big pop melodies and hooks with their woozy, sunkissed dreampop.

Take the main track, 'Dead In No Time'; it's one of the most gorgeous, dreamy and just plain lovely songs the genre has seen so far this year. Reminiscent of The Cocteau Twins at their finest, the song is a constant glow of synths lit up even further by sparks of chiming guitar and vocals that are just perfect. Oh yeah, and it has a great big pop melody to boot. It's a stunner of a track. B-side 'Look Up To The Sun' doesn't exactly pale in comparison. It shows the more cutting side of the band with some harsh beats to begin with, but these gradually get drowned out by a wall of sound that Slowdive would have been proud of; we're stepping closer to the world of shoegaze with this one. Again the vocals have an otherworldly effect and again it's a little chunk of ear candy and as it progresses they drop in some more fabulous melodies. Georgian Waters have excelled themselves here.

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