Wednesday 29 May 2013

Armchair Committee - Imola EP

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I read an interesting argument recently that was putting the case forward for trios making the biggest sounds when it comes to rock music. I'm sure we can all name some big power trios, and even four piece bands often consist of just three instrumentalists and a singer. So it's not that much of a shock to learn that Bristol alt-rock group Armchair Committee, a band who can certainly make a grand racket, are a three-piece. Their debut EP 'Imola' was released earlier this month to coincide with some gigs, so I guess those who've caught them live will know the real force of what they can do. As for the record, well it thunders and quakes when needed, and also holds back when appropriate too.

First single 'Boxcutter' has a classic, gritty sound: jagged riffs and rumbling bass backed by drums designed to piss off the neighbours. Then the middle section quietens everything down, offering a nice contrast. It is of course, a little calm before more storm; it's a great single choice and a perfect opener. 'Codine (A Plan Of Sorts)' is more of a slow-burner and gives some nice diversity. It's probably a straight match between these two songs for the EP's best track. They successfully tackle post-rock on the instrumental 'To Arms' which smashes straight into final track 'Imola', another one that shows they can do diversity. It's a good first outing and it hints that there may be better to come.

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WED 12 JUN The Stag and Hounds, Bristol, UK
WED 10 JUL The Dublin Castle, London, UK

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