Sunday 26 May 2013

Wilsen - Dusk

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New York band Wilsen are a group whose star in on the rise at the moment. Having just supported Daughter on the first leg of their US tour they release their second single, 'Dusk', on June 10th. Going about your musical business the DIY way is nothing uncommon these days; half the world is at it. So how come Wilsen's self-recorded, self-released mini-album 'Sirens' managed to land them such a decent opening slot? I think we'll find a few clues in this new single. Not only do they have a sound that is comparable to Daughter, they're far more accomplished than most homemade bands doing the rounds.

We're not talking gleaming polish and professionalism either. The music here has life and soul and character; it's not sterile and plastic sounding, it's quite beautiful instead. 'Dusk' takes the currently common approach of using acoustic instruments for the bulk of the song, but it's more about what they do with their tools than which ones they pick, and so we get no derivative, boring folk/Americana here. Instead we get a carefully considered and brilliantly executed song that avoids all the pitfalls that other groups haplessly stumble through. In short, 'Dusk' is a beguiling track, and that's what makes these guys stand out.

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