Sunday 26 May 2013

Temples - Colours To Life

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It was off the back of just two songs, the single 'Shelter Song'/'Prisms' that we saw fit to include Kettering band Temples in our Sound Of 2013 list, and in the process we uncovered another track, 'The Golden Throne', hidden on their SoundCloud page. It only served to strengthen our opinion that they could be on to something special. It's been a good couple of years for the psychedelia revival, and these guys looked like the best new prospect of the lot. At the time they were a duo, by the looks of it they've now expanded to a quartet, thus making recording and live duties much easier.

Now they have some new material for us, and although it's still very early into their career, they've served up a splendid tune here. Whether they have enough in the bag for an album we don't know, it may be another year or two, but we can be more than thankful for the small amount we've got. 'Colours To Life' is another collision of clattering drums, jangling guitars, strong melodies and retro-futuristic exploratory sounds. Looking like a cross between Barrett-era Pink Floyd and T. Rex, they've got the look, we know they've got the sound and here's further proof they're coming up with the tunes. We await their next move.

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Catch them live:

19th Birmingham, Hare & Hounds
20th London, Boston Arms
21st Manchester, Deaf Institute
6th London, Hyde Park (with Rolling Stones)
7th Clitheroe, Beat Herder Festival
21st Southwold , Latitude Festival
26th Huntingdon, Secret Garden Party
27th Stockton, Stockton Weekender
17th Skipton, Beacons Festival
23rd-25th  Reading / Leeds, Reading / Leeds Festival
13th Portmeirion, Festival No.6

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