Thursday 30 May 2013

Mackaper - Höstvisa

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Growing up in the 1980s, the only images we ever saw of Eastern Europe were grainy, industrial looking TV shots of plain concrete buildings and dated looking modes of transport. Since then a lot has happened; the USSR has been divided up into its separate states, the Berlin wall has gone and the "Iron Curtain" is no more, yet we still see little of that area in music videos, especially those showing performances and on-the-road experiences of bands touring these former states. UK and US "road-trip" videos, by contrast, are common. Swedish band Mackaper offer a welcome glimpse into the life of a band touring these once enigmatic countries.

The video for new single 'Höstvisa' from recent album 'Mot Ljusare Tider' was filmed during their "Baltic Waves" tour in November and shows wintry images of the sights and performances in Estonia, Latvia, Finland and also the more familiar vistas of Sweden and Denmark. It's an interesting watch, purely because it's a different approach to many promos vids. The song, as you may know by now, is an unusual, proggy instrumental chill-out piece involving lots of organ and not much indulgence. It's a mysterious sounding song that proves the perfect accompaniment to the footage on offer.

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