Tuesday 21 May 2013

The Y Axes - Moon Rock

EP review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

By their own admission, Californian alt-pop/indie group The Y Axes are comprised of "scientists and tech geeks", and to be honest you wouldn't expect people of that persuasion to be making indiepop tunes like this. There's no basis at all for that assumption, it just seems odd. Maybe we just don't think of geeks and scientists as fans of alternative music. But then how does that explain David Byrne or Hot Chip? Anyway, here they are and here's their EP, and just to press their point home, the cover of their new EP, 'Moon Rock', contains a depiction of what we're assuming is Laika, the first dog is space.

Despite the cosmic EP name and cover, there's no fixation with space in these songs. These are four highly likable tunes that use guitars and synths in equal measure and with a surprisingly lo-fi sound for supposed tech geeks. They must know a thing or two about making good tunes too. 'Neon Streets' sets the standard and the sound; shuffly, lively, fun, contagious, catchy. 'Artax' is lovely, a very sweet love song with plenty of melody; something that's present throughout. It's a close-run thing, but we'll go for 'Green To Gold' being the best song here due to its timeless chorus and more playful nature. Finally comes 'Loop Machine' with a more gritty sound but the same top quality. A different kind of stereo lab, but another worth listening to.

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