Friday 31 May 2013

The Dodos - Confidence

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For a while there (and it's probably ongoing to be honest) the mainstream music press hated online music blogs. One NME journalist wrote that it meant that anyone could consider themselves a taste-maker. They presumably meant that really it should be the privilege of English students who bag a freelance job for a well known mag. Rubbish. The internet has opened up the world of music to everyone. People with a passion for the songs they like, not a word-count, a deadline and a massive ego. The same magazine slated The Dodos first album as being "what happens when a 'blog band' enter the real world". In other words there were a lot of sour grapes because some music fans had beaten them to a band and written enthusiastically about them. As I recall it was given 5/10.

Well over half a decade has passed, The Dodos are going strong and NME has changed its tune, perhaps realising that the growth of blogs such as Pitchfork and Stereogum as major forces is a potential threat, as this form of music discovery overtook that magazine ages ago. Better to make them friends rather than enemies. I wonder what they'll make of The Dodos' new album? Just nonsense that people who don't know as much about music as them will like? Or might they like this one? Of course they, like the rest of us, have admitted that new single 'Confidence' is very good already, and you've no doubt heard it already, probably on a music blog. Well now it's on another one, and we like it too. But then what the heck do amateurs like us know...

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