Thursday 30 May 2013

The Dying Arts - Authentic

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Toronto band The Dying Arts were formed by a video director back in 2011 after he became bored with making music promos and realised he was spending more time actually making music himself. The switch seems to have paid off, plus the band he formed have their own in-house promo-maker which must save them a bit of cash. This is no sloppy outfit made by someone whose expertise lies elsewhere, The Dying Arts make a frenetic punky noise that's sharp but not crude; it can rock your socks off without just appealing to hardcore fans of the genre.

Take 'Authentic' (perhaps the title is a hint?), it's a two-minute thrash through some quality modern punk rock made with decent production, not polished but not lo-fi by design. Call it mid-fi if you like, whatever, it makes the song sound like a vicious, flailing monster of guitars that will also charm the pants off you. Perhaps The Dying Arts have managed to find their own niche in a genre that many thought had gone as far as it could be taken. 'Authentic' definitely ticks all the right boxes and you can check out a sampler for more tunes from their SoundCloud page.

The Dying Arts' website

Catch them live:

May 31 Velvet Underground, Toronto, Canada
Jun 15 NXNE @ Cherry Cola's, Toronto, Canada  
Jun 20 Annex WreckRoom, Toronto, Canada  
Jun 29 Shhhh, Barrie, Canada

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