Saturday 25 May 2013

Vår - Into Distance

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It may not have the most inspiring album artwork you'll see all year, but Vår's album 'No One Dances Quite Like My Brothers' has been a huge critical success. The Danish band are, in my personal opinion which may or may not represent that of other The Sound Of Confusion writers, even better than their parent band, the also hugely acclaimed Iceage. Previous single 'The World Fell' saw them experimenting with electronic sounds along with the punk and noise-rock that would maybe be expected from them. But they seem determined to make this offshoot one that encompasses a wider variety of sound.

New single 'Into Distance' is barely recognisable as being the same band. Here the electronics are gone for a more post-punk sound; there are icy atmospherics and an almost emotionless delivery, but the music is innovative and not particularly comparable to any specific band. In particular the drumming is perhaps a style that most other bands wouldn't think of trying to fit to such a song. The brass too is an interesting addition. We're yet to hear anything from Vår that suggests they'll be settling for routine or mediocrity.

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