Saturday 25 May 2013

Five For Free #184

Hobart W Fink - Hundred Dollar Bill

This mixture of bluesy indie-rock and grunge is brought to us by Los Angeles' Hobart W Fink, not a solo artist as the name implies, but a quintet, none of whom have that name. New single 'Hundred Dollar Bill' is a mixture of contrasts. Male and female vocals, a deep heavy sound but a quite light song, the raggedness of grunge with the proficiency of blues. If you're in the area their single release party is May 30th.

Hobart W Fink's website

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High Violet - Wheels

Back on UK shores, new Wirral band High Violet (presumably named after The National album) are making a different form of alt-rock. Theirs is much less abrasive and more laid back. Newest track 'Wheels' is an accomplished song with strong vocals and decent production. As far as we know they're unsigned, but this ought to change soon with any luck.

High Violet's website

The City and Horses - Youth

Moving away from rocky territory to the indie/pop of this new track by Brooklyn band The City and Horses who release their new album 'Strange Range' on June 18th. The sprightly and lovable 'Youth', with its chimes and beats and general happy vibes, is available as a split 7" with a track by The Food Will Win The War, or free from the widget above.

The City and Horses' website

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Kev La Kat - Shake The Devil

Musician and remixer Kev La Kat has been keeping us in weekly free tunes for some time now as part of the Love Our Records project, but the latest offering in one of his own tracks; 'Shake The Devil'. This mix of dirty blues with chopped-up beats and messy electro-rock is one of the highlights of the series so far and shows plenty of imagination.

Kev La Kat's website

Love Our Records' website

Rzurho - Mistakes

It's been a while since we last featured globe-trotting musician Rzurho, and in that time he's uploaded a handful of new tracks to his SoundCloud page. Our favourite is the folktronica of 'Mistakes', a song that uses a simple guitar tune as its base and embellishes it with processed vocals, ticking, shuffling beats and general electronic experimentation.

Rzurho's website

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