Thursday 30 May 2013

We Aeronauts - Through The Door

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Maybe one day We Aeronauts will reveal their obsession with valleys. Having already released the 'Charon Valley EP' (the Charon are Native Americans from the west coast) they've now just put out the 'Don Valley EP', which is of course the name of a stadium (and presumably an actual valley too) in Sheffield. It seems even stranger considering they're from Oxford and possibly don't have connections to either place. Still, that's what they've chosen to do, and they've come up with some good music along the way. Not least new single 'Through The Door' which is off the latest EP.

We should give them some kudos for filming the video to the track in a normal house. It doesn't sound impressive, but when you consider that there are seven in the band and many of the shots see them lining narrow staircases it becomes a bit of a feat to cram everything in smoothly. The actual song is likeable if reasonably conventional indie music with a good pop element, but it's not fey or lo-fi enough to be considered indiepop. We Aeronauts seem like they're after a better sound than that, and depending on your personal taste they've managed it. 'Through The Door' is a fine tune that deserves plenty of publicity.

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