Tuesday 28 May 2013

Limb - Two Shades

Single review by bloopie@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

Limb is a project by Melbourne-based duo Ben Murphy and Adam Farrington-Williams, with their new two-track release 'Two Shades' coming out after their debut EP release 'Star Crossed' last month. Like a Eurovision Song Contest pop track with a digital-age twist, 'The Frenzy' quickly sets off with dramatic vocals singing "do I remind you of a better time?". I can already imagine a certain demographic preparing to wave their national flags to the beat of another feel-good special. It develops predictably and is a little old-fashioned, with dainty synths accompanying '80s-styled "oooh-ooohs".

But then there's a surprising contrast with the second track on the release, 'Lose It All'. From a larger-than-life synth-pop production from a different decade, naturally upbeat and lighthearted and drenched in reverb, 'Lose It All' evolves into some kind of gloomy slow-paced electro-industrial track that likes to zigzag in and out of the realm of pop every now and then. It's much more interesting and promising. Limb advertise their music as experimental, electronic pop music that's cinematic and grand. It is that, even if a little unripe and rough around the edges for a start.

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