Thursday 30 May 2013

Say Lou Lou - Julian

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I'll continue to get wound up about the amount of quality pop music that's being made and ignored by the mainstream charts until someone does something about it. I blame the Illuminati, they seem to be responsible for everything else. Them or the Masons anyway. Now that I'm probably on a couple of hit lists myself, lets take a look at the new single from Say Lou Lou, a song that by now (it was released at the start of the month) should be a hit and be on heavy radio rotation. Maybe it is somewhere, but why the main stations seem to deliberately ignoring decent pop in favour of its ugly cousin remains a mystery.

OK, so 'Julian' may not be the sexiest name in the world, but the song is tops. A classy and gently brooding piece of modern pop with just enough of an alternative slant to make it current, innovative and at the forefront of musical evolution (at least as far as potential chart music goes). Since the 1950s there's been a healthy balance of churned-out pap and cutting edge music making headway in the sales stakes, but since ringtones and downloads (and even YouTube views in some countries) have counted towards this we're reduced to a list of mush each week. Still, it's heartening to know there are still people out there flying the flag.

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