Thursday 23 May 2013

Bad Grammar - Tie or Die

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With their personal description of the music they make being "riffy fuzzy pop songs", they've pretty much nicked one of our most commonly used descriptions, what with us being fans of fuzzy pop and all that. 'Tie or Die' is the debut single by Manchester duo Ben Forrester and Lucy Brown, who will, if all goes to plan, become better known as Bad Grammar. Does the description match? Seconds into 'Tie or Die' and what we're hearing is without question "riffy", as they head for the chorus things definitely take a turn for the "fuzzy", and I guess the melodies, were they not yelped in a primal punk fashion, could be described as "pop". So they're not lying.

Really this would be described as modern punk ahead of pop, but the two worlds merge so often that the distinction is barely worth making. Let's just say this is noisy, clattering and definitely frayed around the edges. Their raw approach serves them well though, and unless you're looking for some sheen then 'Tie or Die' will strike a chord. B-side 'Ace Adventura' plots a similar course, at times sounding like early Blur when they opted for those short, shouty, noisy songs instead of their mockney knees-up tunes. Essentially the cover for this single is a perfect pictorial representation of the sounds contained herein, so have a look at that and you'll know whether this one's for you.

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