Wednesday 29 May 2013

Five For Free #185

Wire - Love Bends

Reviews for 'Change Becomes Us', the latest album by post-punk legends Wire, received reviews that were a little on the lukewarm side. As it's impossible for us to hear every album that's ever been released we can't comment on the record overall, having only heard free track 'Love Bends'. Either this is an anomaly or everyone's got it wrong, because this is ace.

Stream the album in full from Wire's website

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Catch them live:

July 9th: Museum of Contemporary Art, Detroit, USA
July 10th: Lee's Palace, Toronto, Canada
July 12th: The Sinclair, Cambridge, Mass, USA
July 13th: Union Transfer, Philadelphia, PA, USA
July 14th: Black Cat, Washington, DC, USA
July 16th: Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY, USA
July 17th: Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland, OH, USA
July 19th: Pitchfork Festival, Chicago, IL, USA

Daniel Badeie - Summer Wine

News that we've just had the coldest spring for 30 years hasn't stopped Swedish artist Daniel Badeie releasing this summer anthem from his debut album 'Influence'. 'Summer Wine' is actually full of the joys of spring and is a jaunty but classic sounding indie number with plenty of brass and harmonies to give it that extra joyous sound and brighten up anyone's day.

Daniel Badeie's website

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Catch him live:

6 June 2013 at Bara Enkelt, Stockholm

YONDERBOI - Come On Progeny 

A new name to us, YONDERBOI is a Hungarian musician with a wide array of tastes. New single 'Come On Progeny' begins with a string section and female vocals from German singer Charlotte Brandi before introducing some big beats and a melody that, along with the backing, makes the song soar a little. It's another example of cross-genre goodness and can be found on his new album 'Passive Control'.

YONDERBOI's website

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SONS - Find Your Body

SONS are a quintet from Warrington who've made their first EP 'Accidents' available for free download. On the EP you'l find this rather good chunk of alt-rock that has a mildly post-punk feel to it and a general air of confidence and weightiness. Not that it's a particularly "heavy" track, more that it conveys a sense of power from a band who seem to know where they're going.

SONS' website

Stream or download the EP

Solwave - I Won't Wait

There are a fair few indie-dance bands in the California area at the moment, and some veer a little close to radio-ready blandness. Solwave have a similar sound to many others but, on the strength of 'I Won't Wait', better songs; they're more alternative than they are mainstream and they've retained some edge. This is perhaps in part down to working with The Strokes producer Gordon Raphael.

Solwave's website

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Catch them live:

FRI - May 31, 2013 San Francisco, CA The Independent
SAT - Jul 20, 2013 Santa Cruz, CA Santa Cruz Music Festival

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