Friday 17 May 2013

Candy Says - Favourite Flavour

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Well this isn't a bad way to prove your debut single wasn't a fluke. We first featured Oxford band Candy Says back in March when they gave away their first offering 'Melt Into The Sun' for free. At the time we had virtually no information on the band, but we can tell you a bit more now. Previously called Little Fish, the band were signed to Island records but are now on the roster of Cool For Cats Records. The quartet make reasonably lo-fi, alt-pop and are more than happy to indulge in a touch of experimentation when they see fit. Following the freebie, 'Favourite Flavour' will be their first "proper" single.

It's a good choice too. If we take a look at what the song is made up of we find very few parts. There's organ, that's for certain, but most of the rest comprises of different layers of vocals and percussion. It's almost as if the song could be performed a capella, well, so long as we include handclaps too. It's a complex piece and must have taken a while to put together, but for so few instruments it's a remarkably full-sounding track. You don't just rustle up a song like this in half an hour, there's been effort and attention to detail put into this to make it just right, something which they most definitely succeed in.

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Catch them live:

May 21 - St Barnabas Church, Oxford
May 22 - Servant Jazz Quaters, London
May 24 - Dot To Dot Festival, Manchester
May 25 - Dot To Dot Festival, Bristol
May 26 - Dot To Dot Festival, Nottingham
June 22 - Big brill Camp, Oxfordshire
Sept 01 - Lodestar Festival, Cambridgeshire

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