Sunday 19 May 2013

Frank's Daughter - Playground 71/Best Glow

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Brooklyn-based Brits Frank's Daughter are getting themselves set for the release of their debut album 'The Sound Of A Heart Unravelling' on June 17th. With a title like that you'd be inclined not to expect a jaunty and fun set of songs, but let's not forget that some of the most amazing, powerful, emotional and downright best songs ever made have been about heartbreak. So what can we expect from this duo? Well, following debut single 'Fall Fully Backwards' they've announced another, the double A-side of 'Playground 71' and 'Best Glow' which is due the week before the album. The first single was good, and these two also impress.

It's almost unavoidable to listen to 'Playground 71' and not think of Radiohead. The vocals are similarly pained and similarly strong, and musically the track experiments in much the same way as that band have at various points. It's an alt-rock track which almost becomes electrified by the skittering beats and the willful innovation that they attempt. It's the strongest of the two, that's for sure. They change tack for 'Best Glow'. Again the vocals are strong but musically this is much more simple, consisting of acoustic guitar and the occasional buzz of an electric and a production desk. It's stark, but with it comes emotion. It's looking like the album could be a fairly mighty work.

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