Saturday 25 May 2013

TEENANGST - Sasha Was A Fashionist

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To further prove the abundance of decent music being made in the former Eastern Bloc (check out our first and second post-Soviet playlists for more), here's a new EP from Ukrainian trio TEENANGST, three lads who live in Kiev and create minimalist electronica and electro-pop. It may be a cliche, but it has the cold, almost inhumane sound that used to be associated with Eastern Europe back in the '70s and was an attraction for the likes of Bowie, Reed and Iggy. It's the title-track of the EP that steals the show, with its clanging, industrial intro and primitive electro sound. It feels stark and almost harsh in terms of texture but it shows inventiveness as well as borrowing sounds and will possibly remind you of early Gary Numan.

Second track 'Lame Pop' is a strange one; it's livelier than the lead and does have a vintage electro-pop sound, but it's twisted so that it can't become a fully-fledged pop song. TEENANGST are obviously keen to keep things alternative and slightly uncomfortable, and this suits them. They keep up this pace on 'Outro Questionnaire', although apart from the almost motorik beat everything else is twisted to maintain that awkward feel (and it's awkward by design). Bonus track 'Doing Drugs' isn't perhaps as bleak or psychedelic as the title might suggest, but it is the least welcoming song on the EP; a slow and droning number that will go straight over many people's heads, but you get the impression that's kind of the point. We can safely say that experimentation is alive and well on this one.

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