Friday 24 May 2013

Mutado Pintado - Blue

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The new one from Mutado Pintado might get described as psychedelic, and it is to a point, but this is separate from the new wave of psych bands we've been featuring recently. We got to learn a fair bit about the globe-trotting one-man music machine when he answered a few of our questions around the time of previous single 'Carbon Copies'/'This Life', and now we get to learn more about his sound. As you will have spotted, 'Blue' comes backed with a couple of very fine remixes by Gluid and Johnny Aux, but it's the original version that's our favourite.

The lyrics are a little cryptic and a little nonsensical at times, well, to us at least, they may make perfect sense to the man himself, and this will no doubt lend credence to this being a psychedelic track. Listening to 'Blue', we can hear the influence of '80s indie bands, we can hear the influence of indie/pop crossover acts like Black Grape; there's a lot to be heard here and it's this multitude of influences that make Mutado Pintado such an exciting artist. He probably doesn't even realise who the song sounds a bit like, it's just something for the press to decide. By the sound of things he's just happy making the tunes and putting them out there. And that is exactly how music should work.

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