Monday 27 May 2013

Ryan Power - The Prize

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Despite still being relatively unknown, Vermont's Ryan Power is a singer-songwriter with a difference and has been making records for over a decade now. Think of singer-songwriters and you think of dull guys who want to be Bob Dylan or Ryan Adams. Ryan Power is a little different, and this single from his forthcoming album 'Identity Picks' which is out on June 25th shows exactly why. All of Power's work is written, produced and released by the man himself, so to have a career as essentially a one-man band/producer/label for that long you have to have more than just a couple of ideas.

'Identity Picks' will be his fifth album and 'The Prize' is alt-pop that's a challenge to find a direct comparison to. It almost sounds tongue in cheek, and it probably is, but it's not novelty. The music is playful and fun; a combination of basic electronic beats and retro-sounding keyboards, this blends soul, synth-pop, funk, indie and more. There's plenty of thought here too, you can see that much just by examining the vocals; where others may sing the song in a fairly straightforward way, Power uses different layers and odd techniques. In fact oddness is the overall impression you get from this song. Oddness, but in a good way... at least we think it's in a good way...

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