Tuesday 21 May 2013

Discopolis - Falling (Committed To Sparkle Motion)

Single review by andy@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

Here at the Sound Of Confusion we excel at many things; procrastinating; arguing over football; punning contests - not forgetting unearthing the most interesting new music of course - but being honest, one skill we've struggled to master is that of clairvoyance. Don’t believe me? Well allow me to show my working. In 2008 we got giddy about an imminent baggy breakthrough for The Ruling Class, and of course we were right - except it took sixty (count 'em!) months and a name change to materialise! (That'll be Sulk by the way - Ed). Around the same time we championed pop domination for The Good Natured... yep still waiting for that album. Then of course there was the infamous and ill-fated "chart-off" where we pitted two artists of our choosing head to head in a battle to gatecrash the hit parade - which would have been a fine idea, had either artist released even one track in the twelve months concerned!

With this in mind it hasn’t come as a great surprise to find that Edinburgh’s electronica exponents Discopolis, one of our tips for twenty-twelve, are yet to have their posters adorning the walls of bedsits from Bearsden to Basildon. As a gladioli-wielding, bespectacled, bloke from Salford once sang however "these things take time", and with the release of latest single 'Falling (Committed To Sparkle Motion)' there’s plenty to suggest that wider recognition remains right on track.

That acclaim is being hastened, in no small part, thanks to a helping hand from a friend in high places. When '...Sparkle Motion' first came to light last Autumn it was via the championing of Swedish House Mafia, who frequently dropped the DubVision remix of the track throughout their farewell trek around the globe, finding euphoric favour with the glow-stick waving masses. Indeed Axwel of the recently defunct Stockholm trio has now found time to put his own mark on 'Falling...' in the shape of a snappy radio edit, but it's the made in Scotland from girders original that we're concerned with here. A metronomic crystalline guitar line leads the way and provides the 'sparkle' up front, before a chunky drumbeat quickly kicks in to bring the backbone and 'commitment' to proceedings. The 'motion' is supplied by way of a crunching house piano centrepiece that ripples throughout, ideally underpinning Fergus Cook's plaintive and pleading vocal style. Confident, catchy, and doing much what it says on the tin, 'Committed To Sparkle Motion' is a more than worthy companion to the gems already lurking in the burgeoning Discopolis back-catalogue.

"We’ve got so much to look forward to" declares Cook in the track's final knockings, and on this form it's hard to disagree, just do us a favour and don’t take five years about it please guys, we don’t want to be getting a reputation!

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