Thursday 30 May 2013

Big Deal - Dream Machines

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Back in March we were naive enough to think that London's Big Deal were being pessimistic by calling their second album 'June Gloom'. With that month, and the album's release, now just days away, a quick glance out of the window reveals that they may have had the foresight to correctly predict the national mood several months in advance. We hope they're wrong. The artwork for previous single 'In Your Car' was anything but gloomy, it was a colourful and psychedelic looking picture, much like the one for the album's second single 'Dream Machines'.

They don't sound like a miserable bunch either, and 'Dream Machines' is a kind of psychedelic indiepop that takes in ringing guitars, boy/girl vocals, reverberating drums and plenty of melody. It's that combination of dreampop, shoegaze and psychedelia again, only here they've lightened it with a more poppy aspect which adds to the summery feel and the general air of optimism and lightness that comes with the song. We're beginning to think that album title was a bluff, and we hope the weather gods are in agreement as this would sound amazing on a gorgeous day.

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Jun 01 Stereolux, Nantes, France
Jun 11 Manchester Soup Kitchen, Manchester, United Kingdom
Jun 12 Think Tank @ Hoults Yard, Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Jun 14 Rainbow, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Jun 15 The Cavern, Exeter, United Kingdom
Jun 16 Louisiana,Bristol, United Kingdom

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