Tuesday 21 May 2013

Challenger - How Are My Thoughts Not My Own?

Single review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

There's something a bit magical about this new single from Challenger's album 'The World Is Too Much For Me', released late last year. The New York group have got more than their fair share of ideas and they're happy to plough a sackful of them into this one song. 'How Are My Thoughts Not My Own?' doesn't end in a way you'd envisage when you hear the start, it takes you on a musical journey where anything seems possible and nothing is out of bounds. A mysterious video is the perfect accompaniment.

Gentle vocals and acoustic guitar introduce us to the song, but soon waves of electronic sound join in, along with a steady, thumping beat. From here it gradually builds, already beginning to take on the characteristics of a different track altogether. More drums and guitar are added until we're verging on indie-rock territory, yet the whole thing is rooted in its own kind of dreampop. All of a sudden processed beats and more synths are added to the mix and another transformation happens, heavily referencing '80s electro-pop. Challenger inhabit a weird and quite brilliant world.

HOW ARE MY THOUGHTS NOT MY OWN VIDEO from Catherine Rehwinkel on Vimeo.

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