Thursday 23 May 2013

Decades - In Sequins

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Don't you just love it when a plan comes together? As was mentioned the other day, we at The Sound Of Confusion are often lucky enough to hear about bands very early on. Sometimes these bands have whole albums worth of material recorded, so predicting relative success for them in the next year or so shouldn't be out of the question. But bands are an awkward bunch, prone to splitting up, changing members, re-materialising under a different name or just taking yonks to actually get said album out to the public. Before we know it three years has passed and everyone forgot that we'd mentioned them in the first place.

Not with Decades though. Given a band to check out feature as recently as March, this week they put out debut album 'Decades' and it's sounding like prime '80s-influenced dreampop. So for once we can be reasonably smug that a tip has yielded results pretty quickly. We're not expecting a million-seller, they're not that type of band. We're expecting good music, and they've delivered. If you liked the tracks we previewed before, then you'll love this video made for single 'In Sequins', a twinkling, wall-of-sound piece that fits in nicely with the current love of all things fuzzy, but does so in their own way. Result.

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