Saturday 18 May 2013

Wonder Villains - Blonde

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There couldn't possibly have been a better time for Northern Ireland's Wonder Villains to arrive on the scene. Their home city of Derry/Londonderry (we're neutral!) is the UK's capital of culture for 2013 so a few extra eyes and ears will be diverted to see just what the place has to offer. Although they've been together since 2009, the quartet (brother and sister Kieran and Elmear Coyle, Cheylene Murphy and Ryan McGroarty) will be releasing their debut album this summer, and single 'Blonde' suggests it's an appropriate time of year for them to do so.

Having had the time to develop their sound has paid off, this isn't the type of music we often hear from newly formed bands; Wonder Villains haven't settled for knocking together a few chords on a guitar and chucking some vocals over the top. 'Blonde' is a fully-formed experimental pop track that's filled to the brim with synths and keys and crashing drums and loads of overlaid vocals. It sounds fresh, modern and colourful; everything you'd expect from a band who live in a cultural capital. These guys could really take off.

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  1. Nice to see another blog falling for the charm of the Wonder Villains. Their album "Rocky" is going to be one of the highlights of the summer release schedule.

    The blogosphere's biggest WV loon.