Saturday 18 May 2013

Goodman - Use Me/Dawdling

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We know it must be damn near impossible for bands jostling for elbow room on New York's overflowing music scene right now, but it must be that little bit more tricky for a solo artist. 22 year-old Michael Goodman is giving it a good go though. He released his debut album late last year and has recently followed it with this double A-side single. There is a small "studio team" at hand to help with the recording process, but Goodman does the majority of the work himself. We missed the album so are solely judging him on the two songs here, both of which are made to a decent standard.

It's probably 'Use Me' that's the most obvious shot at a pop hit of the two, with a catchy melody and plenty of "la la las", although it's good rather than anything exceptional. Second track 'Dawdling' probably pips it in terms of quality yet some commercial appeal may be lost in the process as the pace is dropped and the whole cheerfulness factor isn't quite as high, but it feels more timeless and more accomplished all round. Considering his age and the fact that much of the hard work is done by himself, we suspect this won't be the last we hear from Goodman, and it won't be the best material he produces either.

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