Monday 20 May 2013

JAN - Work For The City

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With a video that's best described as "a bit creepy" and probably represents the constant hassle of crowded city life and rush-hour commutes (do you realise just how many people you share your personal space with living that lifestyle?), JAN launches her debut solo single, 'Work For The City'. One half of Los Angeles duo Eagle & Talon, this solo work was recorded in Brooklyn and the album was initially given a limited release in the autumn, with a full scale release just recently in the UK and US. The video is an interesting concept, but the song is what steals the show.

For a quick idea of the ballpark we're in then we'll throw in names like Cat Power and PJ Harvey; 'Work For The City' is what could be called an indie-rock track, but it has a foot in the world of pop too, albeit far from the mainstream realm. It's more in the classic tradition of guitar bands who've made music with universal appeal like, for example, Blondie or maybe Belly. JAN has the potential to sell records is what we're getting to here, and she has the ability to do so while retaining every bit of credibility she's ever had. This is a wonderful single. Over to you, public.

JAN - Work For The City from Enclaves Music on Vimeo.

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