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The UK Blog Sound Of 2014 Poll Winners Revealed!

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In December we unveiled the long-list for The UK Blog Sound Of 2014, a poll of around 60 music sites who each choose their candidates for acts that we hope will be worth following closely in the coming year. The poll is designed to compliment the BBC Sound Of 2014 poll, with the choices being made purely on who we think will be making the best music, not necessarily selling the most records. This year 139 acts received a solitary vote, showing just what a wealth of talent there is out there and the diversity of the blogs involved. Unfortunately our three choices were among those 139 acts, so the winners weren't on our list. To show the contrast between this set of voters and the BBC list, seven of their choices failed to register a single vote from all the sites involved.

To the winners! This year there was a tie for first place, with two acts receiving the exact same number of votes. Here's the top 3:

1) Marika Hackman

Who: A British solo musician who writes haunting and captivating songs that feature her ethereal vocals and instrumentation that that has been pigeonholed as folk but often offers much more. She was the 8th most blogged artist by UK based Hype Machine listed bloggers in 2013.

Marika Hackman's website

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1) Banks

Who: An American musician who makes sultry modern sounding electronic R&B-influenced pop. She was the 9th most blogged artist by UK based Hype Machine listed bloggers in 2013.

Banks' website

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3) Sivu

Who: Rising British electronica/alt-pop star who opts for a more alternative sound than many electro-poppers and also dabbles with acoustic singer-songwriting. Has recently worked with the aforementioned Marika Hackman.

Sivu's website

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A full list of the blogs that took part:

17 SecondsA Pocket Full Of SeedsAll NoiseAlphabet BandsBeat SurrenderBoth Bars OnBrapscallionsBreaking More WavesBrighton Music BlogCat From JapanDaisy DigitalDetails Of My LifeDon’t Watch Me DancingDots and DashesDrunken WerewolfEaten By MonstersEchoes and DustElectronic RumorsFaded GlamourGod Is In The TVGold Flake PaintHearty VibesI Love PieIn Love Not LimboJust Music That I LikeKilling MoonLike 1999Little Indie BlogsLove Music : Love LifeMusic Broke My BonesMusic Liberation,Music Like DirtMy Band’s Better Than Your BandMy Day By Day MusicNot Many ExpertsPeenkoPop DodgerRepeat Button,Scientists Of SoundScottish FictionSkeletorySleep In MusicSome Of It Is TrueSound InfluxSounds Good To Me TooSounds Of Now MusicSweeping The NationThe Blue WalrusThe Devil Has The Best TunaThe Electricity ClubThe Evening’s EmpireThe Mad Mackerel,The Metaphorical BoatThe Sound Of ConfusionThe Underclassed,This Must Be PopThoughts On MusicVon Pip Musical ExpressWhen The Gramophone Rings

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