Wednesday 15 January 2014

Five For Free #255

Misun - Nothing Else

Considering its relatively small size, the Washington, DC scene is red hot at the moment. When we heard about Misun almost a year ago we were aware the members had other projects, so we were hoping they'd stick with this one for a bit yet, and they have. They've now delivered us the indie/rock/electro hybrid 'Nothing Else' which ups the ante even more from their previous release.

Misun's website

Rigbi - Leaving Home

If we shift up the US east coast a little we come to New Jersey's Rigbi who are gearing up for the release of their album 'Visionary' on February 18th. 'Leaving Home' is a twinkly and soft alt-rock track with rich harmonies and is written about growing up and places and people changing. They capture the mood pretty perfectly with the swelling strings and chimes here.

Rigbi's website

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Catch them live:

Mar 15 Krogh's, Sparta, NJ

The Witch Hunt - Wide And Laughing

'Wide And Laughing' is the second track we've featured from The Witch Hunt's recent EP 'Little Book Of Hate' and once again the Leeds pair show they're masters of both atmospherics and restraint, as this haunting, minimalist rock song proves to be very evocative and also very modern sounding. Perhaps we could be looking at a band who will stretch the boundaries a little further than most.

Download 'Wide And Laughing' for free by heading here

The Witch Hunt's website

Stream or buy the EP

Seabright - Phantom Power

Californian artist Seabright should attract a wide audience with this lovely cross-genre piece. 'Phantom Power' begins as a gentle acoustic track before adding retro electronics and distant, hazy vocals that give it a dreampop feel. It's definitely one to chill to; in fact it's probably impossible not to become relaxed by the beauty here, perhaps they should offer it on prescription.

Seabright's website

Blueprint Blue - The Cabin Is Cold

When S.C.U.M decided to call it a day last year, many people may have thought we'd heard the last from them, but Huw Webb and Melissa Rigby from the band have teamed up with Elliot Hayward and headed down a totally different path with new project Blueprint Blue. Influenced by artists like The Band and CSNY, they're keeping the chilled vibes going on this atmospheric, semi-acoustic number.

Blueprint Blue's website

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