Friday 24 January 2014

Superfood - TV

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Superfood have the best band website EVER! I'm sorry if that upsets any label bosses or members of other groups browsing this blog, but you'll simply have to deal with it because I'm afraid that's just the way it is, right? Let me tell you why. Firstly it's really easy to navigate, ("well that's fine but hardly all that great" I hear you say, but just wait for points two and three!). Secondly, it lets you play Pong, yes you read right, that's Pong, there and then, with just one little click of your mouse - sadly it doesn't guarantee you will win as I found out 2,346 occasions on the trot. Thirdly, and this is the clincher, they've only gone and laid the whole thing out like blooming Teletext*!!! I'm sorry non UK residents or people under 18, I realise that probably means absolutely nothing to you but trust me it's a great thing. As of yet they don't appear to have incorporated 'Bamboozle', 'Planet Sound' or the never ending circle of flights due to land, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time before they do and with this the rebirth of a national treasure will be fully operational - like the Death Star, but not blown up!

Given that they display such excellent taste in design mandates, it's doubly good news that regular pilgrimages to their website are becoming ever more of a necessity thanks to the high quality of tracks they are now steadily revealing. Having announced themselves last spring with an eponymous free download single, they backed it up prior to Christmas with the double A-side release of 'Bubbles' and 'Melting', and now with a new year upon us we get our first taste of what to expect from their forthcoming 'Mam' EP in the form of lead-track ‘'TV'.

With such an overtly retro web presence, it's little surprise then that Superfood's sound also draws heavily from prior days. Like its three predecessors, 'TV' sits squarely in the jaunty, off-kilter Britpop bracket once so famously beloved of Blur and Supergrass, and given the success both those bands enjoyed (and the respect they still retain when so many of their contemporaries have been reduced to running jokes or forgotten all together) it's hard to disapprove of Superfood's choice of long-ripened stars to reincarnate. Crucially, the reason why the quartet have to date managed to pull off such a heist, is that they identified and then replicated the key ingredient present in their muse - fun!; it's not only online that Superfood don't take themselves seriously, videos are dates to be playful; artwork is quirky or unashamedly garish, and the music is injected with a sense of positivity that makes it infinitely likable.

Superfood are currently to be found on a different page to most of their peers - go punch their number in, you really might like it.

*Though it could be Ceefax or Oracle, I get them all confused now.

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The 'MAM' EP will be available from 3rd of March here

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