Wednesday 8 January 2014

The Boy & Sister Alma - Lizard Eyes

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Well you didn't think we'd shake off the surplus of synth-pop duos that easily did you? It's a combination that's defined the last five years or more of alternative electronic music, as well as infiltrating the mainstream. Montana pair Lenny Eckhardt and Jennifer Murphy have only been together as The Boy & Sister Alma for a year or so, but the music they make stays on the alternative side of things yet adds enough of a pop element not to have your non-music fan mates running for the hills when you stick it on and crank up the volume. As the cover suggests, there are five very fine remixes included in this package, and you can stream them all below, but it's the original that we'll concentrate on here.

With slow pulses and chilled-out - almost spaced-out - synths opening the song, it's clear that this track is as much about ambience as it is getting you moving. If you're thinking this means there's not much in the way of actual tune to be found here then you'd be wrong. It's not long before a decent-sized beat drops in and gives the song a kick up the backside. The vocals that accompany it and are soft and delicate, becoming slightly treated for the chorus which could be lifted from an indiepop song, perhaps even recalling Saint Etienne. 'Lizard Eyes' then takes a leap into the 1980s with a guitar solo of the variety that was outlawed around the time we all began to laugh at the preposterous hair-metal acts, yet somehow they make it work. It's an interesting one for sure, but very good with it.

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