Friday 31 January 2014

The Sun Days - Don't Need To Be Them

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Famous lookalikes; we all get tagged with them, don't we. If you're lucky your nominated twin will be devilishly handsome or strikingly pretty; for the rest of us mere mortals however the comparisons can be a little less gratifying, with the only silver lining being there's no longer the possibility of finding yourself rolled out on TFI Friday as the perfectly rotund remodel of some ripped Adonis!

Here at the Sound Of Confusion we're by no means exempt from having our features equated to those of more well known faces and indeed one of our number has even been accosted by an overly "Keane" autograph hunter, dying to know just what exactly Tom Chaplin is doing cycling along a remote island path when the rest of his band are meant to be out on tour! As for yours truly I can confirm that, regardless of what a well oiled Glaswegian gent took great delight in repeatedly chanting, I am not and never have been the lead singer from Ash, nor, despite what certain parties would have you believe, am I a retired army captain turned troubadour who warbled his way through 'You're Beautiful' - which is just as well, as a name like A. Blunt-Wheeler is sure to get you acquainted with the inner workings of the local police station rather rapidly!

As the well-worn saying goes however, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so if you're not happy with your lot and can't be a physical mirror image, you can always do the next best thing and adopt some of the attributes of the subject of your admiration. This is exactly what appears to be happening over in Sweden, where one time indie darlings The Sundays now have an emerging doppelgänger by the name of... well, The Sun Days actually.

The Gothenburg quintet released their second single 'Don't Need To Be Them' this week and while the song title may be a call to follow your own path, the track composition lives up to exactly what could be anticipated from a quick glance at the band appellation. This is in no small part thanks to the abilities of Elsa Fredriksson who demonstrates a set of lungs fit to rival those of the much admired Harriet Wheeler, and in doing so elevates a sprightly indiepop jingle into something really pretty impressive. Beginning and closing to the sound of bar room chatter, the guitars strums sugary melodies and the drums skip along with a spring in their step, but there's no escaping the fact that it's the lead vocals that steal the limelight, with the cry of "Say" a little under three minutes in proving particularly spine-tingling. Hugely enjoyable, is here where the story ends for The Sun Days? Let's hope not.

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