Sunday 26 January 2014

Sons Of An Illustrious Father - No Mercy/Loveletting

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You may recall a recent feature we published that focused on New York's Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen, a recording studio, label, promoter and general music community. One of the bands mentioned in the feature was Sons Of An Illustrious Father, a trio who pull in influences from guitar-pop, rock, folk, indie and other guitar-based genres to make their own sound. It's hardly totally at odds with what other bands are producing, but it is a powerful blend and gives them a distinct individuality, one that contains traces of The Beatles and Janis Joplin as well as any number of modern alternative rock bands; they're not only putting genres in a melting-pot and giving them a good stir, they're doing the same thing with different eras.

The most immediate and punchiest of the two songs is 'No Mercy', a close cousin of some of the music made by Heartless Bastards; the vocals are strong and a definite focal point for the track, although the sound is very full, with organ, guitar and bass all converging to create a wall of sound, one which occasionally breaks as if to give respite, before building back up again. Still making good use of the keys is 'Loveletting', a track that changes to a male lead vocal and adds a touch more soul. The slightly lazy drawl also managing to become a focal point, but musically it could be a cover of a classic soul track, reimagined with a more rocky, Waits-esque edge to it. That wall of noise does appear again for the chorus, and many voices only drive this further. Another great example of a thriving scene.

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