Friday 10 January 2014

YOOFS - Toy Organ

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Perhaps we were a little too quick to judge Bournemouth pair YOOFS when we reviewed their previous single 'For Her' last summer. That track was full of jangly guitars and all its reference points were classic indiepop; it looked like we had a new (but very good) addition to that list. While new track 'Toy Organ' could still fall into that category, there's more to it than that, and therefore we can only assume that YOOFS relish many different varieties of guitar-pop. Here the vibe is a touch more psychedelic; something that is hinted at by the artwork. We're not talking hippy nonsense or extended jams and mind-bending sonic experiments that will instantly isolate many people, we're still talking a three-and-a-half minute pop song.

There is organ used on 'Toy Organ' as you may expect, but it's not the kind of swirling Hammond that bands often use as a shortcut to get that '60s feeling. Because of the melody and the catchiness this song has more in common with bands like Big Star and even early Coral; there's a slight powerpop thing going on, but essentially this is sunkissed garage-psych that doesn't stray off into the wilderness on any kind of trip. By overlapping genres in a way such as this, YOOFS haven't compromised their sound or integrity, instead they've shown that they're maybe even more promising than we first suspected. I guess we'll find out when they release their album 'Something' next month.

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