Wednesday 8 January 2014

Fierce Bad Rabbit - Do You Want Me Now?

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They might be described as "folk/rock", but Colorado natives Fierce Bad Rabbit are perhaps better summed up as a conglomeration of North American alternative rock music in its many forms. Unless the accents and style were simply imitations, then there's no other continent that this quintet could come from. The vocals have an ever so slightly gritty rasp to them that recalls the blue-collar rock bands that have seen such a resurgence in recent years (and therefore you could maybe say that the odd Springsteen fan out there might like to investigate), but they also make good use of alt-country, as well as other more baroque, string-laden bands such as early Arcade Fire. Many people would describe them as indie-rock, and that would fit too.

So new single 'Do You Want Me Now?' covers a large area of the guitar-based musical world, and it does so very well. There's a sweetness to the lyrics and melody that might melt a few hearts, and the backing vocals provide a hook that will be rattling around your head for some time after listening. The icing on the cake and the parts that make this song just that bit extra-special are the bobbing bassline and the strings though. You could add these to many different songs, and bands from both sides of the Atlantic have used similar techniques to great effect. These range from E.L.O. to Belle & Sebastian, but really it's the Americana/alt-rock fans that will fall for this track the most.

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