Saturday 11 January 2014

Francis Lung – A Selfish Man

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For a while there, WU LYF were the toast of the indie world (well, at least if you read NME), although this seemed largely based on the fact that they shunned social media and kept their true identity hidden for a long time. The press were looking for a band like that, and they found just what they were after. In truth, WU LYF were a decent band but not the ground-breaking heroes some made them out to be. Naturally NME gave them a decent review, but you can knock at least one point off their total score as it was most likely added so the magazine didn't have to backtrack when it transpired that the band were merely a very good alternative guitar group and nothing more. In the end they went their separate ways without really leaving any kind of lasting legacy. Can their former bassist Francis Lung (or Thomas McClung to give him his real name) go one better?

Well he's certainly giving it a go on his debut single 'A Selfish Man'. This is a song that's not made to a conventional structure, opting for a quiet intro and then some glistening, picked guitar lines and a soft vocal. It all sounds a bit like the mid-point between the first two Foals albums, but it's catchy and should pick up some decent radio coverage. There's nothing that will startle you about these opening minutes, 'A Selfish Man' is more satisfying than startling, but it does change again before we reach the end. In a nice move, this part of the track fades out and then gives way to a second half that contains more math-rock guitars that flutter about on top of the almost chillwave backing. There's a slight amount of extra brightness about the tune from here on in, and it is one that gets better with each listen. Francis Lung probably deserves as much press as his former band, and this is a promising first outing, but if you're looking for the future then you won't find it here. Or at least not yet anyway...

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