Thursday 16 January 2014

Artifacts - Barely Cared

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Under his Artifacts guise, South Californian Dominic Renee graced us with a couple of quietly wonderful songs 'Heal Me' and 'Coral' (head over to Bandcamp to have them bettering your day), which seem to always fall into playlists of mine. Now there is 'Barely Cared'. It is built of a charming, irresistible, yet near child-like simple motorik groove which underpins this delightful track. Sitting atop of this is an incandescent guitar, that instantly brings light into your day.

Also familiar is the rumble of bass that Hooky must be looking, for it gets your foot moving. Then, effortlessly, it all dissolves away into a haze of sparser sounds until only that guitar and beat are left. Then raggedly, razored, fuzzed guitar that coats you in reverb and doesn't let go wakens you, as 'Barely Cared' heads for a slacker-fuelled splenetic rush to the line. Similarly loose yet charming vocals place Artifacts in the lineage of Kurt Vile and the overlooked Simple Kid. Until he gives us more, we have 'Barely Cared', an addictive, lo-fi-pop charm of a song that will make it seem as if summer may of come early.

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