Thursday 23 January 2014

Paperwhite - Got Me Goin

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There's no doubt about it that 2013 saw a rise in mainstream popularity for female fronted synth-pop/electronic acts, not only here in the UK but across the pond in the US too. You only have to look at bands such as Los Angeles' Haim or Glasgow's Chvrches to see the constantly rising,  immeasurable commercial appeal of these genres whose peak of mainstream popularity takes us back to the '80s. Next in line riding the new wave into 2014 are Brooklyn's lustrous brother/sister duo Paperwhite (Ben and Katie Marshall) with their seasoned, retro, radiant debut single 'Got Me Goin'.

Combining a space-age kraut intro, glimmering, spacious, flowing, synth soundscapes, subtle dance electronics and hazy, lingering vocals that are smooth, summery, and almost soulful in a '90s R&B kind of way 'Got Me Goin' is an first impressive offering that is rapidly setting  the blogosphere ablaze with its scorching  melodies. Turn it on, turn it up and let yourself float amongst the stars.

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