Friday 10 January 2014

COOPER - Heaviest Of Weights

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It was only this week that we were introduced to Australian artist COOPER with her free download 'Flood'. Now that was a really good indie/pop song that was a little different from the pack thanks to its stuttering, almost military beat and delightfully soaring chorus, but if we were thinking that was the default standard for Kate Copper then we were wrong. Her first official single under the COOPER guise is released today and it raises the bar a noticeable amount. If 'Flood' could be labelled as very good, then surely 'Heaviest Of Weights' must be put down as brilliant. It's an undeniably impressive introduction whichever way you look at it.

With a tender beginning of two guitars playing together and the tinkling of percussion in the background, that soft, sweet and sultry voice makes the sound even more soothing. Then the song begins to grow; the guitars increase in volume and the beat becomes shaper, the vocals too seem to be building towards something else. Then it arrives; a maelstrom of crashing drums, flailing guitars and "oh oh-oh-oh-oh-oh" hits us like a giant wave of blissful noise. It's a chorus of sorts, but not one with any discernible words, it's simply a glorious, organised conglomeration of intense sound, and it feels great. We're starting to like COOPER. A lot.

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