Tuesday 21 January 2014

Fever Kids - Holding Grass

Single review by soul1@thesoundofconfusion.com

Most people may have become so accustomed to having the internet now that it's impossible to remember life without it, but when something like this single comes along you're reminded of the way it's changed the world, and in our case, the music world in particular. Several years ago we wouldn't be covering many Greek bands; in fact I'm struggling to think of a Greek band that I was a fan of, or even knew of, before we all got wired together into an international spying ring (thanks for that NSA!). For all we know, the Greek music scene could have been rubbish until recently, and that could be a factor, but one thing is for certain, and that is that places like Athens are home to bands that make rock and pop music of a similar calibre to what we expect from the best the UK, North America and so on have to offer. We've now added Fever Kids to the list.

From what little information we can garner, Fever Kids are an Athens duo who've been making tunes together for a couple of years, but 'Holding Grass' is their debut single. It's not a hugely bold artistic statement that screams "we're here!" at you and slaps you across the face, it's a combination of electro and indiepop that announces itself in style, but with a touch more subtlety. The intro is a little 'Tour de France', and it's possible that retro electronic stars like Kraftwerk and Giorgio Moroder were an influence. The latter can be heard with the pulsing bass and synths that are the backbone of the song. Vocally they don't get carried away. The song may have a certain rush about it and a four-to-the-floor beat, but isolate the lyrics and you could be looking at something from the world of dreampop. These aspects make it ripe for the remixers to get stuck into, and if Fever Kids can get themselves established, such artists may be queuing up to offer collaborations.

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